8 Types of Women

Want to know about the 8 Types of Women and the strategies to make any lady want to fuck you? Read on…
Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box 8 Types of Women

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The psychology behind women’s thinking is that they look for security and confidence in men. This is a universal principle. They also like men who are enigmatic and strong. Women go through a whole web of emotions in their relationship with men. If you have the power of sparking raw feelings in women, you will be able to make them emotionally and physically inclined towards you. There are many seduction techniques out there but the key is to be different from that face in the crowd.

You need to understand the way girls think and feel before you want to make any girl want to fuck you. What works on a young party girl will not necessarily work on a mature and intelligent woman. You will have to start by reading the mind of a woman. You should know precisely what a particular woman will think and feel about you. It is possible that you may be stuck in just the `friend’ zone for quite some time. You need to move on beyond frustration and rejection.

You have to differentiate yourself to such an extent that you end up impressing women. Before you do that, you need to categorize women and their behavioral patterns. Vin DiCarlo is a dating guru and he has explained eight female personality types. Even this dating guru could not hook a decent date in his early years. Yet, he became strong enough to turn the years of rejection and discovered how to build up self confidence and attract beautiful women. He is not so good looking; he has average height and body build. Most women may consider him odd or average when they meet him initially. Yet, he discovered how to fuck women without fear of rejection.

Vin DiCarlo says that there are 8 types of women. They are the Playette, the Modern Woman, the Connoisseur, the Social Butterfly, the Seductress, the Hopeful Romantic, the Private Dancer and Cinderella. We will further talk about them including the strategies on how to fuck them.

Vin DiCarlo Pandoras BoxOnce you understand these categories and these 8 types of women, you need to figure out ways of going about your pursuit. You will have to find out what each type of woman cares about and what she enjoys doing. What are the insecurities for each type of woman? Women’s approach to sex is a little different and milder than men. Women consider sex to be much more than mere physical experiences like most men do. Women go beyond the physical into the emotional realm.

Irrespective of which 8 types of women you are pursuing, you have to build up enough sexual tension and lead the sexual thoughts on to the woman. It is always advisable to use subtle touches on these eight female personality types.

What do you do when you have figured out the 8 types of women? What does a woman want from you in her life? Does a Playette want you to be with her most of the time and to cuddle her for her to feel safe and secure with you?

The initial approach is the hardest to make any girl want to fuck you. Once you start getting positive feedback, it will get easier for you. Hard work has to be done until this happens and you will have to take the lows with the highs in your endeavor. Even if you fail, you will have to keep fighting the long battles, knowing that the hard road is the path to take. There are no short cuts or bullshit ploys to winning a woman. You may come across many fly by night sorcerers trying to sell you magic potions or showing strategies to win women. It does not work in real life. Yet, Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box may be a dating system that may work as it has been vastly used as a relationship strategy by many men.

Meeting these 8 types of women is a skill that you too can learn. All you need is self confidence. It will also help you to perform better not only in your personal life, but your professional life as well. You can figure out what makes the 8 types of women tick. Any particular strategy may not work all at once. There is no short cut to success. You will be able to succeed only in spades.

Once you identify the 8 types of women, you will be well on your way to make any girl want to fuck, start seducing women and also predicting all her moves to make her yours. She has to trust you to be able to be with you or fall in love with you.

The 8 Types of Women

Let us look briefly, once again, at the 8 types of women:
8 Types of Women

  1. The Playette is the kind of woman who wants five guys around her but she does not want to fuck any of them.
  2. The Modern Woman wants only one guy and would like to date around much before getting down to fucking.
  3. The Connoisseur is very selective in picking men and loves to be socially savvy.
  4. The Social Butterfly wants to date many men and is quite similar to the Playette; only, that she is more liberated sexually.
  5. The Seductress is very shrewd and sharp. She will care more about her goals first; her career will come as priority and then followed by her men.
  6. The Hopeful Romantic is mostly living in her dream world, waiting for `Mr. Perfect’ and she may be slow enough to hold back almost everything until she finds her perfect man.
  7. The Private Dancer also wants many guys around her; she is quite fussy though. She will only fuck the guy whom she is sure of making a great contribution in her life.
  8. Cinderella loves to love. She likes falling in love and she will get intimate with men quite fast.

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